O I C Hoophall

Corporate Team Initiatives at the
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Questions to Consider

What the O I C Group offers you is not just about playing better together as a team, but a process that includes tools and techniques that will propel your team to consistently achieve and sustain the bottom line results that define your success.
Having clear answers to the following questions helps position you to be successful in today's challenging business environment. Today's leading organizations, teams, and individuals are challenged daily to play at the top of their game! If you don't have it together, you'll be sitting on the sidelines and watching the pros move ahead.
  •  How well do your team members receive, accept, understand, and pass along information?
  •  Where would you like to see your team working more cohesively?
  •  More teams are virtual and more global these days. How are you communicating across districts, time zones, and distance?
  •  What does innovation look like for you? How do you turn your business obstacles into business opportunities?
  •  When conflicts arise, what is your process for recognition and decision-making? How are issues resolved?
  •  To what degree do your team members take full ownership for their life circumstances? . . . and not blame others for your situation?
  •  How well do you and your team anticipate the changes in the consumer market? How well are you looking ahead and planning strategies?
  •  To what degree can you honestly say that you anticipate, meet and usually exceed your customer's expectations?
  •  How do you lead your team to greater excellence?
  •  When change occurs, positive or challenging, to what degree do you and your team have a game plan for responding? What are the contingency plans? . . . the succession plans?

The Basketball Hall of Fame and the O I C Group are your partners in your success! Effective event design, facilitation and consulting, inspirational atmosphere, proven techniques, supportive services, and fine-dining all combine to bring to you a comfortable and stimulating forum for your group event.