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Corporate Team Initiatives at the
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Frequently Asked Questions

The unique & inspirational setting of the Basketball Hall of Fame, coupled with the experience & dynamism of the O I C Group guarantees that your event will be an engaging and enjoyable experience!


What is the O I C Group?

The O I C Group is a leadership-consulting firm based in the Boston area. As one of the Basketball Hall of Fame’s “Performance Partners,” The O I C Group’s expertise is available to those organizations and groups who come to the Hall seeking memorable and high-impact sports themed team building events.

The Managing Director, Jonathan Golding, has worked with the BBHOF for over ten years. When the new Hall of Fame opened, Jonathan coached and assisted the management team in its transition from a Sports Museum to an Entertainment & Education Complex. Jonathan was also instrumental in creating the BBHOF Customer Service program “Guests First!”

What are some examples of these team-building events that the O I C Group offers?

Grouped under the heading “Sports Challenge Team Activities,” the events are designed in a team initiative format. Groups are usually divided into teams of 5-12 and participate in activities such as:

  • “Historical Basket Shoot Out” event
  • Virtual Hoops
  • Tall and Short Measure-Up
  • Rebounder event
  • Reaction Time
  • “Calling a Game” in the Sportscasters Booth
  • There are also activities involving defensive ability, shooting at a moving basket and the great Basketball Hall of Fame Fact-Finding Challenge. This last initiative is a series of Scavenger Hunt questions that provides education, enjoyment, AND the ability to add significantly to the team point total.


How much time does it take to do these Teambuilding Events?

As you might think, it can vary a great deal. The O I C Group has facilitated everything from a multi-day Leadership Conference for 160 people – to half-day department wide Sports Challenge Events to 2 hour /10 person Team Alignment Initiatives. The key to a successful event at the Hall of Fame is to effectively communicate your expectations regarding your goals and desired results. One of the first questions that the O I C Group will ask you is; “What do you want people doing, thinking or acting differently as a result of your Basketball Hall of Fame experience?”

All this customized approach sounds like it could get expensive. How much does it costs and is that a separate expense from the Hall rentals fees?

The O I C Group’s customized approach is surprisingly affordable. As a Basketball Hall of Fame Performance Partner, program fees are separate from services charged by the Hall. Previous Team Building and Leadership Development programs that the O I C Group has conducted at the Hall have ranged from $1,500 - $15,000. For budgetary purposes, you can estimate $50.00 per person, per day. Know that The O I C Group is very willing to work within your budget to get the most value for your programming dollar.

What about Non-Profit Groups?

The O I C Group does offer special arrangements for non-profits and youth groups. Part of the mission of the O I C Group is to provide non-profit and youth groups a Team Building and Leadership Development Experience at the Basketball Hall of Fame that fits within their budget. For youths in particular...be sure and ask about both the “Envisioning My Future,” and the “Understanding Myself and Others” program offerings.

So teams keep scores?

Usually yes, they have clipboards and scorecards. Depending on the size of the team, there can be scorekeepers or referees. Prizes are often awarded on Center Court to the winning teams... even through in the end...“everybody is a winner....”

This sounds like a lot of fun. How is the business purpose of my company's event tied in?

Great question! The O I C Group is first and foremost a Leadership and Team Development Consulting firm and works with organizations in different industries not just at the Hall of Fame…but also all over the country. Regardless of the venue, the O I C Group works with you to understand your business goals and objectives before designing the most appropriate processes and initiatives to make sure that all participants get the maximum business connections … while having the maximum amount of fun too!

At the Hall of Fame, a theme common to almost all of the activities is that teams are given their assignments and within a prescribed time, must make decisions, communicate effectively, and delegate resources as they seek to accomplish their tasks...all within a supportive, enjoyable, and educational environment.

Do you have to be somewhat athletic, or can anybody do these activities?

The only athletic ability required is enthusiasm!! While it may be helpful if the team members have at least some mild affinity for the game of basketball, all of the events are very user-friendly, and it’s not uncommon for the unlikeliest team members to be seen as an “all-star.”

Jonathan Golding of O I C Group is available as a keynote speaker.

Does the O I C Group also provide speakers for keynote presentations?

Absolutely! Jonathan and his colleagues provide talks, workshops, and presentations on a number of topics. The Ten Most Popular Topics are:

  • Managing Change And Transition
  • Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Effectiveness
  • Creating “Win-Win” Situations In The Workplace
  • Modeling The Behavior You Want To See In Others
  • Improving Communication
  • Creating Customer Delight
  • Ensuring Team Alignment
  • Flexing Your Behavioral Style For Maximum Effectiveness
  • Humor In The Workplace
  • Fostering Creativity

Who are some of the clients that the O I C Group has worked with?

Over the past 20 years, the O I C Group has facilitated workshops and seminars, delivered consulting, coaching and presentations to well known organizations such as:

  • Allstate Insurance
  • TD Banknorth
  • American Red Cross
  • DuPont Fibers
  • ING
  • First Energy
  • NV Energy
  • Marriott
  • Fidelity Investments
  • DirecTV
  • CVS
  • Verizon
  • AETNA Insurance
  • PacifiCare
  • Reliant Energy
  • Seabrook Nuclear
  • Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

In addition, Jonathan and the O I C Group have worked with numerous small companies, non-profits and government agencies.


O I C Hoophall Sports Challenge Delivery Team

Whether 10 or 250 people, we will work with you to create an unforgettable event where your team members walk away feeling and playing like they too are Hall of Fame Champions.

Contact Josh Belliveau at the Hall of Fame for rental dates and facility options.

Josh Belliveau


Contact Jonathan Golding at the O I C Group to talk about program design and content.

Jonathan Golding